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Ideal Weight Program

This program is specifically designed to help you get rid of cellulite and achieve your ideal weight with our unique treatments with using Vacuum Therapy. These treatments are relaxing, non-invasive and achieve the following long-lasting benefits:
Helps with the "Craving for Food" feeling
Improves Digestion
Restores your with Ideal Weight
Removes Cellulite

The VP System will speed up your metabolism and relieve fluid retention. A good blood and lymph circulation provides good metabolism of the cells and maintenance the equilibrium of the interstitial fluid. It is an effortless way to lose inches and eliminates cellulite and deposits of fat!

VP Therapy stimulates the body's own mechanisms for dealing with the cellulite in a way not possible with other methods. The fat particles (cellulite) are excreted from the cells and eliminated from the body by supporting lymph drainage & blood circulation. This dramatically improves skin's elasticity and reducing cellulite from the skin the commonly known "Orange Peel" look will soon disapear!

Slimming treatment using the VP System

Suction slimming treatment using the VP System

   Dr Rada Prelevic MD,
Specialist MAW, TCM

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