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These original testimonials are just some of the many clients who have been treated successfully over the past years by Dr.Rada Prelevic.

"I was very sceptical about alternative medicine, but it is obvious to me now that acupuncture in particular is much more than simple pain relief.
The highly professional treatment I received from Dr Rada has made a very big difference in my life - I can only describe it as "healing"… Here is my story… For the last 2 or 3 years I had been feeling more and more ill, with many symptoms such as headaches, sinuses, earache, joint pain, irritable bowel, fatigue and depression. Some of these had started years ago, but in isolation are easily ignored. I should stress that I'm only 34. Thus, you might say that I'm an extreme case.
There had to be something wrong, something that was, causing my body to not function correctly, and resulting in these numerous symptoms.
My GP could not find it, but gave me every possible blood test, and the only one that was positive indicated a weakened immune system. I was prescribed over a dozen courses of antibiotics in one year and saw many different specialists in different areas, to no avail. I was merely offered further sinus operations.
Dr Rada patiently went through my entire history of symptoms, and was the only medical profession to look at all my symptoms as a whole. A range of treatments and therapies were offered. In particular I was very surprised by the results of a new blood test identifying my intolerance to a wide range of foods.Where I am now after only 4 months?
Well, put very simply, a lot better, and improving all the time.
For anyone reading this - believe in something different, and believe that Dr Rada's wonderful treatments can greatly help your body to heal itself.
Which is after all, what it's all about.
" - N.B.

"I have been a solicitor for 25 years. It is a stressful profession (as are many others!) and has resulted in headaches on a regular basis, often severe, necessitating about 3 headache tablets daily over about 20 years.
After about 8 weeks of acupuncture with you my headaches have disappeared making life very much more enjoyable. My stress levels remain high but do not result a headaches any more.
Therefore, I thank you for your treatment, which has, undoubtedly, been a complete success.Regards
" - P.W.

"I would like to say a big thank you for all you have done to relieve my pain! I am so grateful as I have suffered for many years, as my doctors have not bee able to help!
As you know, I have been on the pill for 9 years due to painful and irregular periods, but now I have gone with no pain and no pill! This is a "miracle in my book" as over years I have been on every pill and non-have worked! My terrible periods were also the cause of my migraines, which thanks to you I no longer suffer from.
Dr Rada you have been blessed with a gift to heal, which I am thankful as many other people are thankful too! " - C.N

"Most mornings, I used to wake up with a muzzy head, which would usually develop into a full headache. I went to Dr Rada for reflexology as I thought relaxation would do me good. Dr Rada suggested that acupuncture would cure my headaches and give me more energy. The improvement after first session was amazing, and I have not had a headache since the treatment started." - G.B.

"Dear Rada, I first came to you over a year ago with stress related problems. After just over a course of acupuncture sessions these were resolved. We then decided to concentrate on balancing my energy channels and to work on my blocked fallopian tubes. Just after the last session with you I become pregnant much to our joy and shock! The baby is due on 10th June and will certainly be in touch with you shortly thereafter. Words cannot adequately express my gratitude to you but thank you!" - G.T.

"Being a competitive athlete for a number of years I suffered many injuries including calf injury, hamstring, broken leg, but since coming to see Dr Rada my recovery has improved dramatically by using VP machine. After each treatment I notice more improvement - my legs felt fresh and light almost new. I will be continuing to have more treatments." - Q.F. Professional Football player (Premier League)

"I have suffered with swollen ankles and legs since I had my Hysterectomy in 1985. I visited my doctors on numerous occasions to see if any thing could be done. Unfortunately the only solution was diuretic tablets, which did not work. The swelling which I suffered stopped me from being able to kneed down due to the build up of pressure in my legs, this cause me to spend weekends with my feet up so I could wear my shoes on Monday mornings. After seeing an advert in the local paper for VP therapy, I visited the open day for the public and booked a consultancy. I have now had three treatments and to my surprise they are working. My legs and ankles are no longer swollen. For the first time in 16 years I can see the bones in my ankles, on kneading the pressure has subsided. Thanks to Dr Rada I have found a solution, which I did not think possible, as I had been told it was something I would have to live with. My quality of life has improved imminently." - C.U.

"About 2 years ago I ruptured both Achilles tendons for the second time in 20 years! I was obliged to undergo extensive surgery involving Tendon Transplants. This was undertaken by Professor Nicola Muffalli at Nuffield Hospital near Stoke. The treatment was entirely successful. However Professor warned me that for some months post-operational I was to expect my legs and ankles to be swollen (this is mainly due to disruption of the circulation in and around the ankle joints, in particularly disturbance of the lymphatic drainage system).
I had tried wearing on the Professor's advice 60 denier stocking tights, but become allergic to the fibre in the stocking material!
I turned to Dr Rada for help, having heard her talk of the VP therapy.
After 6 treatments my condition improved remarkably and I am now completely free of any problems!
Dr Rada is a thoroughly professional person and has a long experience of the treatment. I am most grateful to her for the successful management of my problem. Thanks!
!" - Dr.E.J.

"As a recently diagnosed Type 2 diabetic and having had constant problems over the past three years from a non-healing area on my skin, resulting from a skin graft after the removal of a malignant tumour, I am encouraged by the rapid improvement since receiving VP therapy from Dr Rada.
Due to poor blood flow there was constant irritation and the least knock or friction caused the skin to break down requiring twice weekly visit to the ulcer clinic and triple bandaging from foot to below the knee for months on end. VP Therapy treatment has resulted in the skin healing rapidly, the colour has improved, with the increased flow of blood to the site, and the irritation has ceased.I have definitely found this treatment beneficial.
" - R.J.

"Recently whilst running in China I slipped on a wet surface and broke the fifth Metatarsal in my right foot. This resulted in an operation and having a screw fitted permanently in my foot, this was then in a plaster cast for a period of six weeks.
This was the longest period that I haven't been able to run for since I started in 1976, so imagine my dismay when I was told I could not run for a further three months.
Thankfully Dr Rada recommended a course of treatments using her
VP System Therapy of two sessions a week for three weeks. After two treatments I felt really good and now on completion of the course am back running, mountain biking and doing general work on cross training machines in the gym.
I cannot thank Dr Rada enough for getting me back training in a quarter of the time I was expected to take to recover and would not hesitate to vouch for the values of this system
." - K.H.

   Dr Rada Prelevic MD,
Specialist MAW, TCM

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