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Rejuvenation Program

This treatment can help you:
Have a Natrual Face-Lift without surgery
Firm and De-Toxicate the body

Each face treatment includes acupuncture by gold plated acupuncture needles, application of specific rejuvenation plant-extract antioxidant and face mask and deep face vacuum massage.

Rejuvenation Body treatments includes a full body acupuncture treatment,
Vacuum Therapy on arms and legs special vacuum therapy, which stimulate lymph drainage and microcirculation in the body and it is followed by a full body de-tox.

To achieve quicker and "wow" results, this treatment is recommended twice a week and a recommended course of 12 sessions and a maintenance treatment once in two, three or four weeks, according to individual requirement.

   Dr Rada Prelevic MD,
Specialist MAW, TCM

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