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Relieve Stress Program

We live with stress every day and over time if we do not handle stress well, the body will become more vulnerable, the defences break down and we are more susceptible to illness and disease. Therefore, we need to generate tranquility inside our body to avoid the possibility to be affected by stress-related conditions.

Our anti-stress program is specially created to restore balance in the body that is changed by our stressful life style and allow the body energy to flow smoothly and freely throughout. The program can help you achieve:
Restfull Sleep
Relief from Anxiety in a natural way
Relief from Neurosis and Tension
Life without Depression
Balance of Emotional Pain

Each treatment will start with Medical assessment and Diagnosis of the present condition. This program will involve acupuncture, auricular-acupuncture and if needed Vacuum and Herbal thepary.

   Dr Rada Prelevic MD,
Specialist MAW, TCM

About Dr Rada Prelevic

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